Our Story

West Town’s Coffee got its name from West Town, Chicago U.S, where the original store was put up way back in the early 90s as a family business and was only revived, here in the Philippines. This industrial-vintage themed coffee shop is focused on its commitment and it is to give Third Wave high quality coffee and mixology experience.

“Third Wave Coffee” means that coffee is treated not just as a commodity but as an artisan, a craft beverage. From the selection of high-grade Arabica beans from different parts of the world to the brewing process, West Town’s Coffee carefully crafts every beverage to the consumer’s preference.

West Town’s Coffee believes that coffee is not just a drink or potable, but a daily necessity and selections depending on the consumer’s personality which makes it a lifestyle.

What We Do

West Town’s Coffee delivers rich coffee and pastry products originating from both local and foreign lands. Its coffee products are made of only the richest coffee beans roasted to perfection to bring out the best in highland coffee taste and properties.

We serve premium coffee with sophisticated work-of-the-art machinery and hand crafting embedded with skills, passion and love towards our coffee customers. We take pride in our methods of serving coffee products from hand-brewed coffee to Espresso Profiling and Latte Art. We are among the exclusive ranks of the Third Wave and Specialty Coffee movement, in which coffee is considered an artisanal ingredient.

West Town’s Coffee is also known for its extensive research and understanding of different coffee properties, sensory evaluations, origins, and cultures. Our Mixology Team takes pride in our careful selection of cold beverages and seasonal offerings. Recipes and different natural flavors are combined to ensure great taste and we contribute to a healthy environment and lifestyle by delivering organic, homemade pastries and breads eliminating preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. West Town’s Coffee offers a classic and vintage coffee setting, once thought lost in modern times.